Terms and Conditions of hire

  1. The Beach Hut and its amenity is the property of East Suffolk Council. The definition of beach hut for this purpose includes chalet-style huts of brick/concrete/timber construction.
  2. The Permitted Hours of use will be 0500 hours to 2400 hours on any day.
  3. The Permitted use shall be customary recreational beach-related uses including changing and relaxation. The use of the Chalet is entirely at the risk of the user.
  4. The user shall pay the appropriate Hire Charge including VAT prior to use.
  5. The User shall satisfy the requirements of this or any revised hiring agreement.
  6. Terms and conditions may change from time to time.
  7. The user shall provide contact details to satisfaction of Council and shall reasonably co-operate with Council requests in relation to the management and use of the seafront, including respect for the beach rules and byelaws.
  8. The User shall not make any temporary or permanent alterations or structural additions to the chalet. The User will not deface or damage or install fixtures, fittings, shelving of any type nature, unless agreed in advance with the Council. The User may use free standing items.
  9. The User must remove all items and possession by the end of the Hire period and leave in clean and tidy condition.
  10. The User must collect and return the Beach Hut Key during the published times, unless other arrangements have been made with the Council in advance to different effect.
  11. The User shall keep the Beach Hut clean and tidy at all times, including its immediate vicinity. The User will not store rubbish in the Beach Huts but make use of public waste bins.
  12. The user shall not encroach beyond the Hired hut space and shall not obstruct any passageways, access to the Councils Land generally, any walkways, steps, the lower promenade, or the surrounding area in any way.
  13. The user shall display courtesy to other beach users.
  14. The user shall not cause any nuisance, disturbance, or annoyance to other Beach Hut Users or those making use of adjacent Council Land.
  15. When the not in use, the user’s personal possessions shall be secured within the Beach Hut and the door locked.
  16. The Council does not warrant that the Beach Hut is or will remain suitable for the Permitted Use. The Beach Hut is within an environment that the Council cannot control and may be subject to change by storm, wind, waves, tide, or other uncontrollable elements.
  17. The Council reserves the right for health and safety reasons to prohibit access to the Beach Hut if deemed absolutely necessary and reserves the right to vary the terms of any hire agreement at any time.
  18. The Council reserve the right to access the Beach Hut during the hire period on the grounds of purpose of inspection, checks, safety or security, or the like, as determined as necessary by the Council.
  19. If the Council terminates the hire agreement this shall be without prejudice to any claim the Council may have against the user.
  20. The user shall not do any act, matter, or thing in breach of any statute, law, government guidance or byelaw affecting the Beach Hut, lower promenade and beach use and in particular it should be noted that: